First Nation Culture – Wildlife Viewing – Whale Watching

Welcome to our spectacular back yard and the quintessential setting for a West Coast ecotour.


From the historic First Nation village of Yuquot to scenic shorelines, groves of towering old growth forest, frolicking sea otters, whales and more…it’s all here!


Shorebird Expeditions can provide an affordable and intimate experience

showcasing the region’s extraordinary scenery, ecological diversity and profound cultural heritage. Ultimately, we hope that in providing this experience we will be facilitating a greater appreciation for the value of our First Nations’ heritage and our collective responsibility for environmental stewardship.

Mowachaht / Muchalaht First Nation participation may be possible on some tours

by request. Contact our office for tour options and availability.

Explore BC History & First Nations Culture in beautiful Yuquot (Friendly Cove)


One of the most popular cultural sites in the area is the Village of Yuquot, locally known as Friendly Cove. This is the historic site where Chief Maquinna and the Mowachaht/Muchalaht people invited Captain James Cook ashore in 1778. Cook was the first European to set foot on what was to become British Columbia.

Visitors to Yuquot have the opportunity to meet some of the friendliest, most hospitable people you’ll find anywhere! There are few tourist destinations in the world that can offer the amazing cultural, historical and natural experience that awaits visitors to Yuquot / Friendly Cove.

Bear, Whale and Wildlife Viewing

There are many opportunities to view wildlife on a Shorebird Expedition Eco Tour. Black Bears can be found on many of the beaches, searching for crabs at low tide. In the Fall they actually walk the streets of Tahsis!

Our experienced operators are expert at silently gliding near the shoreline to offer you the opportunity to view bears in their natural habitat, safely and with the least amount of disturbance for the bears. Sows (female bears) with cubs will often play and forage on the beach in plain view, obviously feeling no threat from their silent spectators.

Stunning Esperanza Inlet is an excellent place to look for Orca and Humpback whales. Whale watching is fun and easy when the whales are sleek and relaxed, leisurely feeding in the Inlet on their long passage north.

You may also see sea lions roaring and jostling amongst the jagged rocks to find their space in the boisterous crowd. Pay close attention to the kelp beds and you could observe rafts of cheeky sea otters eating and grooming or sleeping. And don’t forget to look up occasionally; you won’t believe the bird watching including (if we’re lucky) magnificent Bald Eagles diving down, talons outstretched, to snatch an unwary salmon from the waves. Incredible? You bet, that’s why we call it an Adventure Tour!

We’ll show you the coast like you’ve never seen it before!  Contact us to book your tour!